Poliversal has an innovative laboratory, where a research team works in close coordination with the best universities and research centres.

The research and development of new products and applications of concentrated additives represents a key priority at Poliversal. Around 3% of our annual turnover is invested in such activities.

To develop any solution, Poliversal is commited to establish a relationship of true partnership with the client. That begins with finding out what plastic material is the most appropriate in each situation before monitoring the production process,  and only ends with standardization of the chosen part.

Poliversal is a company focused on the creation of new products able to exceed the client expectations. In order to accomplish this goal, Poliversal expanded its production capacity , invested in the most advanced technology and spread its range of innovative raw materials. The company also relies on its fully equipped laboratory, where a highly specialized research team is daily at work in close collaboration with universities and research teams.

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Poliversal is a company focused on the creation of new products able to exceed the client expectations.


Providing our service is a big responsability and requires working with high quality levels.

One wrong colour can cause major losses. The success or the failure of the project depends on the the clear specification  of all features by the customer and our technicians.  The colour service must be trusted to specialists,  whose knowledge can give an immediate response to any problem or question . Poliversal ist always investing in ensuring the support structure for its activities. This structure ist made of highly qualified professionals and the best equipments on the market.

Our  level of complaints is very low  and the level of satisfactionof the customer ist proportionally very high. Nevertheless, we know that these results can only be maintained and improved through remaining totally aware to our customer´s needs.

Improving is only possible with your help and assistance. It´s your criticism and suggestions that make us go further and improve our services.

Our sales team is on the front line to listen to your opinions. Our qualified technical staff visits regularly our customers and is backed up by our development laboratory and quality control facilities.


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In a world of constant evolution, plastics are fundamental to so many processes.

In a world of constant evolution, plastics are fundamental to so many processes.

Without plastics, we would not be able to simply and effectively package all of the products we consume on a daily basis. We would have no safe and increasingly economical automobiles. There would be no energetically efficient buildings capable of providing comfort and security and we would not have either the computers or all the other electronic systems that facilitate our lives. In sport, in medicine and in many other areas, no advance would have proven possible without plastics.

This great diversity in applications requires equally great adaptation and specialist tailoring of the plastics deployed in each utilization.

Poliversal is the result of half a century of experience in the plastics market and combining the knowledge held by Plasteme in the distribution of raw materials to the plastics industry and the production of tailored solutions, complementary to that distribution. This experience emerges out of an organization distinguished by its levels of innovation, product quality and the excellence of the services provided.

Poliversal is a Portuguese owned and financially very balanced company first launched to respond to the needs of its distribution clients. They were seeking out exact colours, made to measure for each application, supplied in small numbers, adjusted to production output levels and delivered swiftly in order to ensure production continuity.

Nowadays, Poliversal (and Plasteme, which continues to operate as a limited entity) is the exclusive distributor in Portugal and in other countries of some of the most renowned petrochemical polymers and that have been the source of longstanding and lasting relationships leveraged by mutual trust. Above all, however, Poliversal adds value to these polymers through its development and manufacture of additive concentrates (masterbatches) and compounds, which are sold worldwide.

Poliversal capitalizes on its over 50 years of experience, acting in the marketplace on different and complementary scales and remaining able to satisfy a broad range of needs in terms of plastic products.

In the pigment distribution sector, Poliversal aims to become, in the short term, an international player as it deploys the capacity to be present in the key European markets and supply large volumes at highly competitive prices.

In the plastic distribution sector, Poliversal is equipped to provide a broad range of products, which may be produced in small quantities and always to very high-quality standards. However, it is through the production of masterbatches and composites, in small production-runs, that Poliversal provides the greatest benefits to its clients. They result not only from Poliversal’s capital of experience and state-of-the-art technology but also, thanks to the quality of the company’s research department, from competitive and innovative solutions applied in the form of tailor-made plastic products.

Poliversal stands out for the high quality of its products, service excellence and integrated logistics chain: characteristics enabling the company to compete in the most demanding world markets. In order to survive and prosper, Poliversal operates constantly based upon the company’s core objective – client satisfaction –, establishing bonds based on values such as stability and trust that result in financial stability and in partnerships and client loyalty that, in some cases, stretch back as long as 45 years.


The history of Poliversal is built upon relationships of trust and strong investment in quality and innovation.

These attributes enabled a solid reputation to be founded and built up and recognized by both customers and competitors and maintaining the position of national leader in a highly competitive sector.

After more than five decades, the constant values of Poliversal remain unchanged and provide the foundations for the company’s future projections.


Founding of business: launch of company Ultramar Comercial in Luanda. Exclusive distributor of Montedison for Portugal’s colonies.


Foundation of Plasteme in Belo Horizonte (MG), Brazil. Distributor of raw materials throughout Brazil.


Launch of Plasteme in Portugal, Lisbon. Exclusive distributor of Montedison.


Founding of Poliversal. Distributor of polyurethane in Portugal.


Launch of masterbatch manufacturing at Poliversal.


ISO 29002 Certification of Poliversal, one of the first 100 companies to obtain such recognition in Portugal.


Sub-contracting agreement with Ampacet Europe. Poliversal begins manufacturing various standard Ampacet products.


Ampacet Europe becomes the exclusive distributor of Poliversal across Europe. Poliversal begins being retailed under the Ampacet brand.


Poliversal becomes the exclusive distributor of Kolon in Portugal.


Poliversal closes a European distribution agreement with Titan Chemicals.


Poliversal becomes the BASF Styrenics distributor for Portugal and Spain.


End of the distribution agreement with Ampacet Europe.


Poliversal begins direct operations throughout European markets.


Poliversal becomes the exclusive Samsung Cheil distributor in Portugal.


Poliversal becomes the exclusive Eurotec distributor in Portugal.


Launch of the direct sales system in Spain.


Agreement for the exclusive licensing and distribution in Europe of Ningbo DCC pigments.


For the first time, Poliversal exhibits in K in Dusseldorf.


Launch of the direct sales system in Germany.


Poliversal becomes Repsol distributor for Portugal.


Poliversal becomes Repsol distributor for Germany.